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Welcome to Tinku Memorial

About Tinku

  • The story of Tinku Memorial Trust started with Mrs. Shital Raichura’s affection towards dogs. She had a dog called Bobby and her affection towards her was so strong that she could really understand the feelings and language of the dog. Soon after her marriage she moved to Surat with her husband. They soon discovered a dog near drainage in Surat on 6th October 2005 which was almost a month old. The dog was treated by a veterinary doctor. It was found that it was unable to listen and bark; hence it was adopted by the couples with a noble cause of taking care of the puppy and named it Tinku. It was August 2006 when a flood hit Surat and delivered a huge damage to many lives. The Raichura couple had to move to Vapi and Tinku was moved to Rajkot and a person was appointed to take care of it. The couple would visit the dog every month. Tinku died at 17th February 2010 at Rajkot. At Vapi the Raichura couple bought a land to start Tinku’s Dog House in the memory of Tinku. It was the beginning of Tinku Memorial Trust and a hope for dogs that don’t find shelter and food and are beaten up at streets. Now the Raichura couple has put their best effort to make sure that the homeless dogs do not face such situations. Every week they visit the dog house to meet the dogs and needless to say the dogs show extreme affections towards them. The couple is very happy to help the dogs as they believe that they are contributing towards the society.

Founder Details

Mr. Nilesh Raichura

A Builder by Profession & Director of Education Institute, Mr. Nilesh Raichura is the son of Harilal Mohanlal Raichura & Leelaben Harilal Raichura. He has been developing many successful projects, that are driven by his wife’s passion towards care for dogs. He has been helping his wife ever since the dog house was built.

Mrs. Shital Raichura

An Interior Designer by Profession, Mrs. Shital Raichura is the daughter of Late Manharlal Harilal Kakkad & Chandrikaben Manharlal Kakkad and wife of Mr. Nilesh Harilal Raichura. She is the founder of the Tinku Memorial Trust & Tinku Dog House. Her affection towards dog could be clearly seen when she meets a dog.

Our Work


Every dog passing through our programme is de-wormed and vaccinated against rabies and distemper/parvo (DHPPL).


Daily and intensive care is provided for emergency cases, for dogs suffering from severe mange, skin infections and injuries.


For dogs who are in a terminal condition, we offer a comforting place to spend their last days and peaceful burials.