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About Us

Many families keep dogs at their home just for hobby or fancy. But we on the other hand focus mainly on homeless dogs that might be injured, sick or at the verge of death. We bring them to our dog house and treat them as well as care for them. Those dogs who wishes to move out of the dog house are left back from the place where they were picked up from, the rest are kept in the dog house and cared for as long as it wishes. Any news about an injured dog between valsad District and vapi are being entertained by Mr. Nilesh Raichura. The dog is picked up by a van and brought at the dog house. A veterinary doctor also arrives to treat the dog and to perform any additional medical procedures like surgery. Seeing all this Mr. Nilesh has himself learned a lot related to first aid for the dogs.

Facilities and Activities

  • CCTV cameras covering every corner and pathway in the Dog House.
  • Different sections for segregating dogs according to the treatment needed and the nature of dog.
  • Rooms containing Fan, Cooler, Bath-Tub and many other facilities.
  • A proper Cremation Ceremony is performed if a dog dies, keeping in mind the Hygiene.
  • Breakfast of 8 Ltr Milk and 7 Kgs Biscuits, Lunch and Dinner of Roti, Rice and Butter Milk which accounts to around 250 to 300 Rotis, 5 to 10 Kg. Rice, and 8 kg Butter Milk/Curd daily to the dogs in the dog house.
  • Frequent check-up of the dogs at veterinary clinics and necessary treatments with the help of a veterinary doctor.
  • Each Dog Has Unique passport and medical History Record
  • Distribution of 20 Ltr. Milk & 30 Kg. biscuits in vapi for homeless dogs daily.

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."

― Mahatma Gandhi

History of Tinku Memorial Trust

Tinku's The Dog house was started in August 2012 by Mrs Shital Raichura and looking to the development of the activities carried by the dog house the founder decided to form a trust, hence the TINKU MEMORIAL TRUST came into existence on September 2014 . With the motto, “Let us work together to give all beings a better life,” TMT functions to provide medical care, vaccinations, rehabilitation, feeding and sterilization to street dog. Working primarily within Valsad District - Gujarat, TMT has provided service to approximately 1,000 dogs since its founding. TMT often provides medical care on the streets. Bring in street dogs for on-site medical care for animals in need of long-term care, we provide service at our Dog house Our Dog House, located At & Po Khadki in Valsad District. The Centre houses up to 60 dogs.

TMT creates community and social value. Over the last 3 years TMT has become an integral part of Valsad District. Most community members know and appreciate our service, and we have created opportunities for community participation. Often community members assist during feeding dogs on daily basis. TMT is knowledgeable of, sensitive to, and respectful of the Animal faith and Animal culture.

TMT, essentially, has made street dogs family members. Staff and volunteers, as well as many community members, know the street dogs by name. In addition to offering medical care, TMT and community supporters ensure dogs maintain a good quality of life. We provide water, food, blankets, sweaters, baths, hugs, love, and other necessities ensuring the dogs are comfortable, happy, and well socialized.

TMT’s mission is to provide care for the dogs who are currently suffering. We are focused on ending the suffering of street dogs in cases like broken bones, tumors, skin problems, handicapped dogs. Everybody is getting a chance as we are also a No-Kill centre. Furthermore, we are believing in humanity and respecting the cultural elements. An Animal Birth Control (ABC) is not our main aim, but we sterilize specially the female dogs passing through our centre.

Impact of
Street Dog Care’s work

Street dogs are now healthier due to TMT’s work. Furthermore, TMT’s work has changed attitude towards street dogs. Since TMT’s annual rabies camp, yearly, in Dog House, TMT now views the dogs as “community” dogs and many households and shop owners now feed the street dogs and are friendly to the dogs. The attitude of dogs as a menace and fear of dogs is decreasing.

Most of these dogs live in a miserable state, suffering from disease, malnourishment and ill treatment.

Every dog is de-wormed and vaccinated against rabies. Dogs in serious condition are treated at a veterinary clinic and cared for at the Dog Care Centre until they are fit to go back to the street or to be adopted.

In public areas, the TMT have an important role in building community awareness and support. People are encouraged to bring sick and injured street dogs from their neighbourhoods.

Our Motto

Let us work together to give all beings a better life.


Street Dog Care aims to improve the health and living conditions of street dogs in Valsad District (Gujarat), creating a healthier environment for all sentient beings.


To bring about a time where there are no more suffering street dogs in Valsad District (Gujarat).