"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."

― Mahatma Gandhi

Inside Tinku Dog House

Health Care

TMT, essentially, has made street dogs family members. Staff and volunteers, as well as many community members, know the street dogs by name. In addition to offering medical care, TMT and community supporters ensure dogs maintain a good quality of life. We provide water, food, blankets, sweaters, baths, hugs, love, and other necessities ensuring the dogs are comfortable, happy, and well socialized.

Clean Environment

The dog house is spread across one acre of land.Rooms containing Fan, Cooler, Bath-tub, Heater, and many other facilities...,A proper cremation ceremony is performed if a dog dies, keeping in mind the hygiene.Frequent check-up of the dogs at veterinary clinics and necessary treatments with the help of a veterinary doctor.

Proper After Care

TMT’s mission is to provide care for the dogs who are currently suffering. We are focused on ending the suffering of street dogs in cases like broken bones, tumors, skin problems, handicapped dogs. Everybody is getting a chance as we are also a No-Kill centre. Furthermore, we are believing in humanity and respecting the cultural elements. An Animal Birth Control (ABC) is not our main aim, but we sterilize specially the female dogs passing through our centre.